Satyam Shivam Sundaram Group of Institutions has now taken up the responsibility of Ekalavya Educational Complex , SSSGI has already made significant contribution in the sphere of education. Thousands of students are getting quality education at the school level, in the educational college, in the ITI College as well as Polytechnic College. Everywhere excellence oriented efforts are being made on the mind, heart and soul of the children that life has in store for them. Now that Ekalavya Educational Complex is being run under the aegis of SSSGI the students will be taking the giant leap towards the glorious success. All their educational requirements will be fulfilled here in the school. They will be empowered with knowledge that will enable them to compete successfully in the fiercely competitive world. They will all be equipped with skills and enriched with values. SSSGI is held in high esteem in the world of education. This group works with precision as it has got complete clarity of its vision.

Day Boarding Classes

In the modern times it has often been observed that students spend more than six hours in the school and afterwards they come home in a confused state of mind. Element of self –belief that is to be cultivated in them is found missing in them and therefore all the students look for the tutors who can dispel their confusion and doubts. Ekalavya School will not let the students suffer for any reason. Here at Ekalavya School all the students will be guided by the teachers after the school hours. In this special day boarding class the doubts of the children will be dispelled and complete clarity of the concepts will be provided. It is in this manner that children will go home without experiencing stress of any kind. The facility of day boarding will prove to be highly fruitful for all the children.